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1 You're' on page. FAQs: Helicopter for Sale. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions for Helicopter for sale. Which are the top helicopter manufacturer companies today? Todays leading turbine helicopter manufacturers include Airbus, Bell, Enstrom, Leonardo, MD Helicopter, Robinson, and Sikorsky.
Sikorsky's' S-97 Raider Could Be A Revolutionary Light Helicopter.
In fact, the Army's' main reconnaissance scout" helicopter, the Kiowa Warrior, grew so decrepit after 16 years of fighting in Southwest Asia that they were retired despite the absence of a dedicated successor. Apache, the Army's' preeminent tank-killer, will do double duty as an armed recon helicopter for the time being, but Army leaders admit lack of a next-generation recon helicopter is the gap in aviation capabilities that most worries them.
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In a moving helicopter, however, the speed of the blades relative to the air depends on the speed of the helicopter as well as on their rotational speed. The airspeed of the advancing rotor blade is much higher than that of the helicopter itself.
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helicopter third-person singular simple present helicopters, present participle helicoptering, simple past and past participle helicoptered. transitive To transport by helicopter. intransitive To travel by helicopter. To rotate like a helicopter blade. helicoptering his jacket, helicoptering his arms. To overprotect one's' children, as a helicopter parent does.

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